How To Get Free Tracfone Minutes Online?

Published: 01st February 2010
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TracFone Wireless is America's one of the major prepaid cell phone services providing company operating in the U.S. With more than 12 million consumers, TracFone Wireless has been most significant prepaid wireless cellular service supplier since its founding in 1996. TracFone only focuses on prepaid cell phones and services. Dissimilar to the majority prepaid providers, TracFone Wireless does not require its customers to undertake some service deal. TracFone Wireless spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year to curtail on the prices of our cell phones and make them discounted for all.

As TracFone is an easy way to own a cell phone and you can use their services without any billings and using prepaid cards, as well as there are many ways to get free TracFone minutes too. They offer different deals as on buying new connection and on buying certain amount of airtime you can get some deal of extra minutes. There are also many promotional codes against the telephone models or affiliates and using those Promo codes you can get extra free minutes of airtime. We have listed down some most working methods:

1. It is suggested that you first time buy a 'Double Minutes' card and whenever you will add new minutes to your phone afterwards, those will be doubled. Also use a promo code for free minutes as every time you will add 'X' worth of minutes it will resultantly become 2X+Promo Free Minutes.

2. Visit TracFone's official website and opt Activate Phone, Add or Buy Airtime option and then either Activate / Reactivate Phone or Add Airtime but here you can see a list of their open promotions with Promo Codes on the above mentioned page, and time and again you can get free Bonus Minutes ranging 20 and 50 there.

3. There are many online websites, forums and blogs where people place TracFone Promo Codes. You can search through using some search engine and can find some codes which work for you. These Promo codes are not always working or safe but you can avoid any issue just by adding minutes online. Following step describes that how you can add free minutes online.

4. Whenever you find a Promo code you can go to the TracFone official website as mentioned on Step 2 and then go for the option to Add Airtime. Adding Airtime online is risk free as if you enter a Promo code which is wrong or expired than you can select any different but through your mobile phone it is not possible.

5. There is also another option which is possibly due to some glitch that if you buy an Airtime card and you add it through your cell phone, then you can again try adding same code using their online Add Airtime option and it works often.

6. If you refer a friend on TracFone then you and your friend both can get hundred 100 free minutes of airtime. Either if your friend or you have received the phone before referring then just does not activate it until you get the reference.


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